Monday, March 24, 2014

Cheerios, The Devil’s Breakfast Cereal?

Parents should be advised that the content of this post may not be appropriate for young children or for the “Tea Bagging for Jesus” crowd. 

The Devil has a foothold in America right in the middle of God Fearing Country, Minnesota. (Well, maybe I’m fudging a bit on where God Fearing Country is, but just to be clear, we aren’t talking about those Hippy loving, pot smoking states like Oregon and Washington.) Specifically, the General Mills Corporate Headquarters is an innocent looking facade disguising activities that are both fiendish and diabolical. 

If you doubt me, take a look at this: 

I know! Such an affront is stunning. If you go to the General Mills website, they proudly tout their program called Black Champions Network. Then they had the audacity to made another commercial! Clearly things are out of control.

Don’t take my word for it, this is from an article in Jezebel: 

By now you know some racist dicks have whipped themselves up in a frenzy of racist dickery over the portrayal of an interracial family in a Cheerios ad. You see, Cheerios has committed the heinous crime of “acknowledging that interracial families exist,” and also that “sometimes interracial families need to eat breakfast.” This was too much for the racist dicks—Cheerios was forced to disable comments on YouTube where the video was posted. (What’s up with you racist dicks, anyway? Don’t you have jobs?)

But wait! There is more. 

From the National Organization for Marriage Education Fund:

I never thought that by eating Cheerios for breakfast I would be supporting gay marriage. Your decision to pander to same-sex marriage activists has forced me to choose between your food products and my conscience. 

Several other repetitious uses of “conscience” follow. I’m concerned. Does the Fund not have access to a thesaurus?

Your diversity policy claims to respect “not just the primary areas such as gender, race and sexual orientation – but also cultural aspects including values, preferences, beliefs, and communication styles.” However, your public opposition to the Minnesota Marriage Amendment overtly disrespects the values and beliefs of many of your employees. To avoid misleading the public and potential employees regarding the true position of General Mills, I ask that you remove this misrepresentation from your website and any written materials unless or until you decide to actually follow through on your commitment to true diversity.

What the policy actually says is: 
“We cultivate an inclusive environment by considering all dimension of diversity - not just the primary areas. . .”

Does the Fund also not have access to a dictionary? Follow along for a moment.  

For a company to be inclusive, meaning it includes people, and the company accepts people who are different, meaning diverse. If the company excluded certain people based on a bigoted belief of some people that would be excluding, which is pretty much the opposite of including.

For example, lets say there is some bigotry against women. Women shouldn’t be allowed to use birth control, or have a job or have the right to own anything of value or to go to school or to drive or so show their face in public. If General Mills refused to hire women because it would offend a group of people, then that would be exclusion. (That would also lead to hiring some legal geniuses to counter the enormous lawsuits or they could move production to Saudi Arabia.) 

To be fair, it would also be exclusion if they did not allow bigots to work for them. 

However, I can see this group is very serious and have been able to mobilize a huge contingency to protest the gay loving, devil backed, company.  I’m just surprised, in the face of such disapproval that they haven’t shut down already.


Now Am Found! said...

i stand with you. no more h8ers please please please god. ever wonder why there is so much fear and rage and hate spread in jesus name? i don't get it.

Now Am Found! said...

ooops. forgot to say LOVE your blog!

March Matron said...

It is pretty crazy that some "Christian" folks can be so far from Christian behavior and just don't see the disconnect. I'm really glad you left a comment! Religion is a pretty sore subject for me. I do think that Pope Francis is pointing the Catholic church in a good direction (about time!) and I’m also curious how the Westboro church is going to proceed after the death of Phelps. Thanks for reading the blog!

Anonymous said...

The last video with the protest is so awesome! A guy with colored hair and a pink shirt protesting! What an idiot. J