Saturday, March 1, 2014

Bro Dan

My brother Dan is fantastic! He is the only boy in the family and he is stuck in the middle between two older sisters and three younger sisters (I know!! It’s a miracle he survived.) 

On his wedding anniversary he had appendicitis and got to have surgery. This is his compensation gift to his wife:

A few Dan stories: 

My mom asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up. “Batman.” (Well of course!) So my mom sewed a bat decal on the chest of a t shirt and then sewed a cape to the shoulders. If I recall correctly it was the prototype for several decal with cape wardrobe enhancements.

Pre 1st grade, he would request a peanut butter and jelly sandwich everyday for lunch. My mom tried to expand his culinary horizons and asked what he would like in a salad. “Little pieces of peanut and jelly sandwich.”

My mom put him in a pre-school, activity group and one of the other boys kept teasing him. So my mom also enrolled our sister. (Those of you who know Wendy are saying, yep - that would do it.) No more teasing and at least the bodyguard was an older sister not one of the younger ones.

We had some mirror tiles on the wall of our entry way. (Don’t judge, it was the 70’s.) Dan, like most boys at that age, wanted to see how difficult it would be to break one. He ended up with a hammer and pieces mirror on the floor and pieces of mirror still attached to the wall. 

My dad came home, Dan was banished to his room and my dad tried to get the pieces off the wall. I'm not sure how it all went down  Unfortunately he couldn’t get the pieces off of the wall so he had to get Dan and have him break the pieces for removal. 

When mom was pregnant with the last kid, Dan desperately wanted a brother. Not to be and he ended up with another sister. As a conciliation he got to name her and he picked Julie.  (I don't know what they would have done if he picked Grizelda or Dorkas.)   

One more story - which I already posted but - hello - how many times does your brother save your life? 

I had the big emergency surgery in July. A week or so later I was being discharged and Dan came to pick me up. He is an ER doc and notices I was very short of breath. 
 He asks if I’ve had a scan for blood clots in my lungs. Well no. The nursing staff called the doc who was covering. Dan tells he thinks I should get a scan. The doc’s response was along the lines of what do you want me to do about it?

 So we end up at the hospital where he works.  I have several clots. Fortunately for me they weren’t too big or I would have been dead already. But I got on blood thinner, had everything monitored for awhile. It could have been very bad if my ride home didn’t happen to be the with an ER doc.

I love my bro! 

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