Thursday, March 13, 2014

$73 Million will get you . . .

The Creationist Museum is expanding! 
(Are you as excited as I am?) 
For those of us not onboard with the Dino-Man-Flood “Science” 
we’re going to get another chance at conversion!

It is reassuring to see that creationists 
have a strong understanding of the evolutionary process 
before they present a counter argument.


Ken Ham 
(of the “theory” “science” “fact” re-definition club) 
is raising enough funds to make a replica of Noah’s Ark. 
For a trifling $73 million, 
a 510 foot, dino-holding, ark will be hand crafted on 800 acres of Kentucky. 
(Actually that price will only complete the first stage.)


In a recent article, 
it was pointed out that $73 million could be used for 
other Christian type activities in Kentucky. 
(I know! Crazy talk right?)

One fourth of the kids in Kentucky do not have adequate nutrition. 
School funding has dramatically declined. 
35,000 kids are homeless. 
Kentucky has more cancer deaths, 
and more tobacco smokers, 
than any other state. 
Heroin deaths increased 550% in one year.

Hmmmm . . . wwjd? For the heathens, 
thats “What Would Jesus Do?” 
Fake ark and combat evolution evil 
feed kids and combat deaths from drug overdose? 
That is a puzzler. 

Actually one of the best arguments against evolution
 is my disbelief that I share genetic material
 with some of my earthly cohabitants.

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