Sunday, February 23, 2014

Tree Hugging and Ozone Loving

Riddle me this.  What is one of the fundamental difference between humans and other animals? 


Yes but dig a little deeper.

Alcohol consumption.

Good guess but no. 

There are several fermentation hot spots around the globe where rotting fruit results in alcohol content. Mammals make the pilgrimage and the original drunken brouhaha commences.

Why that is so very interesting! Oh please tell me more. 

Now if you want to talk about manufacturing alcohol, then you’ve got a point. 

I don’t want to play anymore. 

Fine. I'll tell you; foresight and planning.  No penguins with an IRA.  No caribou getting a degree in engineering.  No polar bears surveying alternative habitats.   

Oh, you mean you could have used foresight to anticipate that I would not like to play your game and then you could have planned something else to do?

Exactly! So here is my point. 

About time you got around to it!

In general, our way of doing business implements short term, economic foresight and planning at the sacrifice of long term environmental foresight and planning.  

See what I did there? Both involve the same cognitive process but the focus on outcome is different.   Although if it involves short term planning does it still qualify as foresight?

I don't care. I’m going home and watching the entire series of House of Cards on Netflix. 

Ok. I’ll stop trying to formulate an intro.  Watch this, cause it is damn cute, and then Netflix your heart out.   

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