Saturday, February 22, 2014

Tighty Whities, Saggin’ and Why I am Insane, Part 1

Now that the Microsoft Surface, Refurbished Netbook, iPad and Macbook dilemma
has been resolved, for  this minute, I’ve been sorting through my folders of digitally
scavenged flotsam and jetsam and I found this: 


I typically have a stand-up monolog running while attempting to balance my
checkbook or designing a functional summary card for work or scavenging Pinterest for fantastic how-to photos that I’ll never get around to emulating.  

So one comic, and for the life of me I can’t remember who, had a bit about the gangsta’ pants-on-the-ground phenomenon.  

“They are called UNDER-pants because they go UNDER your pants.  They are not called bunch-up-over-the-waistband-pants.”  


Then I thought, find a few urban slang terms for underpants and voila’, a post is done! 

Boxers, Jockey Shorts and Junk Trunks.
Banana Hammocks, G-Strings and Grape Smugglers. 
Budgie Smugglers, Nut Huts and Ball Bags.

Except. . . 

I am insane and therefore the enormity of underwear came to the forefront of my 
brain and what is a girl to do? I had to spend some quality time learning more about this piece of apparel.

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