Saturday, February 15, 2014

My Learning Curve

Evidently, my learning curve is more horizontal than sloped.

If you haven't noticed, I've been gone again.

And an enormous thanks to you very long suffering folks that keep checking the blog and how happy am I that something I'm doing hasn't crashed and burst into flames?

(The correct answer to above is: Extraordinarily so!)

This story starts with a prelude. Mandatory church attendance (and I'm talking morning hours, go home and then back for afternoon hours in addition to weekly primary) taught me a few things:
Waiting patiently does not increase the likelihood that something unpleasant will end.

If I pack some form of quiet entertainment, the unpleasantness will be more tolerable. (And the schedule of worship creates a pretty big window for self directed education. My siblings and I all learned sign language letters and could flash spell a conversation fairly efficiently.)

I have no innate ability for tolerance and whatever reserves I did have are long ago used. (And my intolerance pretty quickly generalizes to most activities where my attendance is mandatory but my participation is negated. For example, staffing caseloads typically involves a "we-don't-really-know-what-you-do-but-we-already- have-to-sit-through-six-hours-so-don't-say-anything" rule for social work. Then, if you really want me to lose it, have someone spend the entire meeting cracking their knuckles or derailing the agenda with irrelevant personal stories.)

I digress.

So when the first netbook minis started to roll out, I was in heaven! Entertainment, in my bag, at all times! Then, they were common enough that refurbished models were everywhere. I had the system down. $150 plus $20 in accident insurance. The inevitable jump and dive to the floor was followed by another refurbished unit.

Later, with the tablets coming out, minis declined and in a burst of genius I decide on the Microsoft Surface. I'm not even sure where to take that other than did they really think we wouldn't noticed that apps available were approximately 3 in number?

Back that went and what must have been the last refurbished mini in the US came to the house of destruction. When that one jumped to its death, the Microsoft Pro was out. Apps problem irrelevant, and it was triple the cost of the minis so it must be pretty good. Right?

THREE, yes THREE replacements of the tablet and THREE, yes THREE replacements of the keyboard and SIX replacements of the power cord (which fray and shoot blue sparks) and the final box was ready to be packed and sent when . . .

. . . the Surface, not be outdone by the mini, also jumped to its death. Accident insurance paid for that and the rest was lovingly returned to Microsoft. (Not only am I no fan of the Surface, I detest Windows 8.)

HP mini led to Asus mini and now a year later I'm going to try the iPad, which if I would have listened to most of the sentient beings I come in contact with is what I should have started with.

In the interim, I have a few micro SIM cards holding posts, quotes, tags and photos anxiously waiting to contribute to my blogging well-being.

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