Wednesday, February 19, 2014

An Ameba Mimic

Little dogs have issues. Don't get me wrong, I think most living things survive of under the umbrella of “have issues”.  That whole find lunch, while avoiding becoming lunch is no cake walk. 

Because, I go into a bunch of old peoples’ houses, I am pretty familiar with the ankle biter dogs. 

They seem to come with a myriad of mental health issues, and that false bravado, constant yapping, is certainly one of the irritating things about them. That and the drive to mark everything that they come in contact with as their property. (If we bought them an embossed label maker and then taught them how to read?) 

I’m thinking, if you take pack animals that can coordinate a caribou fatality and you shrink them to five pounds and then put them in a sweater, you are just asking for trouble.

(Actually, I'm thinking most dogs in sweaters are going to need some therapy.)

My adopt a Chihuahua can not behave himself so he does not get to run amuck in the house. 

I’ve wanted a pencil post bed frame forever and in the whole first-time-buying-my-own-house-days, I bought one that I love.  (Well that is so very interesting and not at all tangential. . . Hang on, I’m getting there!) 

So the solution to Chihuahua restraint is a pieced together zip line ending in a harness. The line is attached to one of the canopy struts so he has dominion over the bed but his mobility ends before he can hop off the edge.  

Frankly, a pencil post bed frame is not nearly as luxurious with a little dog zip line. 

The thing is, he does not like the harness and zip line combo but he also knows resistance is futile.  He appears to have reached an internal compromise.  He will voluntarily hop up on the bed but then he engages in a passive aggressive protest.  He flops to one side and becomes the consistency of jello. 

I was telling one of my friends this story and she countered with another. She has nephews who live in the part of the country where wild boar hunting is a big deal.

In order to hunt boar, especially if you are a bow and arrow hunter or a spear hunter, you need a dog team consisting of a catch dog and a bay dog.  

Evidently the dogs can get pretty torn up so specialized canine protective great is expensive but a good idea. 

The nephews purchased protective dog gear. The catch dog is not a fan protective equipments and flops to one side and imitating a large ameba. 

I'm going to venture a guess that not many razorbacks are captured by clever single-cell-organism mimicry.  

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