Wednesday, January 1, 2014

You And What Army?

Most evening, I’m sitting on my bed desk, laptop on my lap, (where else would it be?) typing up stuff. The Chihuahua will carefully maneuver around folders and index cards, until his front paws are on my leg and he is looking up with a pitiful expression. Then he slowly stretches his head out until he can bump up my hand with his nose. Some head scratches and he is content to weave his way back to the foot of the bed.
The Berner, on the other hand, targets any standing human. He bounds up, plants a wide behind on a foot and leans in.  If the human doesn’t catch on to the meaning of foot sitting, he ducks his enormous noggin under their hand and tosses his muzzle, causing hand to fly.  Being a dog of very little brains, he is usual distracted in 10.6 seconds and wanders off to investigate a noise or a smell or a hallucination.

He has also started the not so fun game of You-And-What-Army. That’s the game where he flops on his belly or back and will not move. While bad behavior is not funny, it was a little amusing to see the kid that he outweighs, trying to physically drag him to the door.  His expression stays in place and he doesn’t even dignify the kid with a look.  Fortunately he forgets he is playing that game and will happily jog up the stairs if he thinks something more exciting is going on.

Occasionally, not often, I’m able to outsmart my dogs.

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