Sunday, January 12, 2014

‘Tube - That is COLD

How cold is it? Watch and see!

This is my sister's dog. He's a Mexican Hairless and does NOT want to be in the cold, thank you very much.  She also has two big Spitz dogs.  They are lovin' every minute of ice, snow and wind chill.

As you probably know - I have an adopt-a-Chihuahua who is NOT pleased with the temp goes below 35 degrees.  My two Burners, on the other hand, have some ancient DNA that is saying - this time of year means snow, and lots of it.

Maybe  we can do a Foreign-Exchange-Puppy program. So for the winter I would have about 20 pounds of dog and she would have a little over 400 pounds of dog. That doable, right?


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Anonymous said...

You need to see the video of ZeeBee walking in his snow boots, it is so funny!