Friday, January 24, 2014

The Second Front of Impingement

The second issue, impacting my ability to blog, is more along the lines of the previous mentioned “infection,” “demon” and “self-aware” discussion.  My laptop has an adorable quirk where portions of my text will randomly vaporized. This is particularly annoying because I've been compiling bits and pieces about the meltdown in Utah. (I could not have made up a better scenario to discuss!) And how many stories involving “Utah” and “marriage” and “gay” are there going to be in my life time? Come on!

Actually, that may not be the best way to put it, because this story has a whole bunch of twists and turns, each presenting a new, ludicrous component. First we had the whole Don’t-be-a-Bigoted-Weenie ruling. (I think that is the official title.) And then there was a fantastic line addressing Governor Herbert’s dismay that gay marriage had come to Zion.

Unfortunately, the exact wording vanished from my laptop.  (I think it may be a crafty ploy, by the conservatives, to hide quotes from their more moronic members.) Sen. Jim Dabakis proposed to his long term partner during a celebration on the evening of the ruling. When told of the Governor’s distress, Dabakis countered with, “Well, then he doesn’t need to buy me a wedding gift.”

If all of that wasn’t fodder enough for a Once-Mormon, Gay-Rights-Supporting, Crazy-Woman . . . local government in Utah County simply shut down the Clerk’s Office and refused to issue any Marriage Licenses, gay, straight or polygamous. (Excellent plan and I think next they should shut down emergency services.  Oh sure, some of the homes will burn to the ground and some people experiencing a heart attack won’t be able to drive themselves to the ER BUT the county will avoid the risk of providing expensive, publicly funded care to deviants.)

Wait! It gets even better! A Utah man valiantly announced he was on a hunger strike until this insanity had ended.  He had an enormous outpouring from around the country and received hundreds of texts and emails. Granted, most included derogatory comments about his intelligence along with photos of delicious looking food or treasured family recipes, but he did get some of the attention he clearly needed.  

So, if my evil little laptop had not tossed out the fantastic quotes, stories and comments, I would gladly share them with you.  However, a more recent discussion on Global gay issues was preserved and is ready to post!

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