Saturday, January 11, 2014

My Blogging Decline!

I am in a period of life where there isn’t much time. Actually let me re-phrase that. In the ambitious portion of my life (which evidently I moved beyond awhile ago), time had a very different construct. 

 20 minutes was enough time to start laundry, read the kid a book and rearrange canned goods in the pantry.  90 minutes and a passable college paper was done. In an afternoon I could go shopping (grocery and apparel), catch a movie, have the oil changed in the car and research the Doppler Effect.


Now, if I haven’t got a two hour block of time, forget it! Trip to the library, balancing my checkbook or blogging are definitely not going to happen.

I find this distressing because . . . well have you been reading the news!! Utah and Gay Marriage, Duck Dynasty may harbor bigots, the NSA was busted, the Affordable Care Act crashed and burned, McDonald published an employee guide for tipping the pool cleaner AND advice to return Christmas gifts to make ends meet.

Oh my . . . my fingers are absolutely twitching! 

BIG thanks to all the wonderful folks who meander back to the blog to see if I’ve returned from the abyss. 


I did hear a few heartening things this week.


One transfusion was enough to change my iron levels from, “Are you sure you should be walking around?” to almost in the lower range of normal. 

NPR hosted an author who explored the concept of changing your life after 50.  The BEST part? Statistically people are much happier in their 50’s and 60’s than in their 40’s. (Actually, per the statistics, 40’s pretty much sucks across the board.  This is fantastic news for me because wow does this decade pretty much suck!)


Woman accused of stabbing boyfriend with ceramic squirrel:
I knew those squirrels were dangerous.  I would ban anything bigger than a chipmunk!
Why does this qualify as “heartening”? Because, no matter how bad things get, I won’t be arrested for stabbing my boyfriend with a ceramic squirrel for not bringing home beer on Christmas.


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