Sunday, January 26, 2014


As drama-licious as the Utah Hunger-Strike, Happy Valley Clerk Closing, Gay Marriage melt down was, a much bigger player is on the scene.

Eight Former Russian Paratroopers demonstrating their non-gay testosterone levels by assaulting one gay rights protester.  (Um . . . boys are not aware that by wearing stripped wife beaters and blue berets, you pretty much personify most gay stereotypes. Face it, you look ready to join the Village People.)

Mother Russia, per Jon Stewart, has become the front runner in the 2014 Homophobic Olympics. Our buddy Vlad (having some difficulty distinguishing between homosexuals and pedophiles) has championed Anti Gay Propaganda laws. Basically, none of that Gay Shit (Gay Education, Gay Demonstration, Gay Communication, Gay Validation, etc) is allowed any place a minor might come into contact with it like public buildings or private buildings or anywhere outside.

One little irony. This is the official 2014 volunteer uniform.  (Hmmmm, not at all flamboyant, over the top or "gay-like" in anyway.)

Granted, things go a little bit farther with the German uniforms, which were NOT, per the German designers, a jab at the Russian anti-gay laws or the Russian ability to design and construct clothing. (Hmmmm, not even a little bit?)

And then there is the Norwegian Curling team.  (Hmmmm, I’m thinking that transcends sexual orientation but in a fairly funny self-deprecation way.)

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