Sunday, January 12, 2014

A fantastic son with a few surprises!

Gene Gene the Dancing Machine on the Gong Show.
(Wait - it gets MUCH better!)

You may have noticed I’ve been putting up a grundle (yes it's a word) of You Tube clips.  Well, it’s like this, I’ve pretty much exhausted Netfliix.  Then I went through the You Tube sand-up comics. In an act of entertainment desperation I started watching audition clips from the 3,000 TV talent search shows.  I was thinking, per trailers, it would be mediocre performances with lots of Simon being an ass. 

So was I wrong or what!?!  Of course I love seeing the chunkier folks kick some butt because life is hard enough if you are chunky. Which leads  to the other surprise:  

WOW! Whatever Craig is doing it's certainly working.

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