Sunday, December 8, 2013

Eternal Life is Super Fun!

My cute middle kid (the LEAST religious kid I know) goes to a private Catholic school where she gets the privilege of attending Mass once a week.  Adding insult to injury she is required to wear a skirt. (I’m not sure if the Mass or the skirt is more objectionable but they both are pretty high on her avoidance list.)


She is also required to take four years of religion.  I’m thinking four years, Catholic school . . . I wonder what they are going to focus on and what will get a creative interpretation.

For the three past years, I’ve actually been pretty impressed.  Information like religion was in place before the BC / AD change over, a substantial portion of the global population does not believe in Christ much less in the Catholic Church and Christmas was stolen from the pagan Winter Solstice celebration as a marketing and recruitment tool.


One more year to go AND the kid ended up with a very conservative, newly graduated teacher.


First casualty of World Religions? Any religion not based, at least partially, on the Old Testament and a genetic connection to Father Abraham is no longer on the schedule.

And this is when I think I should be able to attend class and ask a few questions.


So what about India and China?

If we have time.

How about that whole crusade thing and subsequent execution of the Templar knights?

If we have time.

Indulgences and Vatican wealth?
If we have time.


The Inquisitions?

Burning Jews, Witches and Protestants?



The other day they had the Mormon Missionaries come to class as guest speakers.  (I hear this kind of stuff and my head practically explodes! Mormons AND Catholics!?! There has to be a fist fight coming up or at least someone runs out in tears and I’m not invited!?! )


So, was the proclamation that the Catholic Church was in fact the Whore of Babylon official Mormon doctrine or unofficial, common knowledge? 


(On second thought, that is an unfair question since it happened before most missionaries were born.)


California prop 8 resulted in an alliance between the Mormons and the Catholics. Who thought those two strange bedfellows could work together?


Because the LDS church was identified as a financial source involved in politics, there is some discussion about revoking it’s charitable status. The question is, what did the Catholics do to avoid such scrutiny? They are up to their eyeballs in political and financial involvement.  Who do they bribe and how do they hide it? 


Eternal life is super fun:


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