Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Bits and Pieces - Part 6

 This is also a previous post but still one of my favorites!


My dad is a dermatologist who thought it was hilarious to get “Zit” vanity plates. Somehow they ended up not on his car but on the family car. Needless to say, I was a tad embarrassed driving that car. For Christmas, when I was 16, I unwrapped a pair of license plates. Hooray, I thought, something to replace the ZIT plates. Nope.


My parents had actually bought me a car! It was an old Dodge Colt with a million miles on it, some body rust and an ugly brown color. I named the car Spot. (Because, at 16, that’s what you do!) That same Christmas my sister got a sewing machine and she doesn’t sew. Seems equitable to me.

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