Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Bits and Pieces - Part 2

When I was little, my dad decided he wasn’t going to have a kid who believed in Santa. So I got the rational explanation of the Santa myth.
Later that week we went shopping and there was Santa! So I took my turn on his lap and got the low down on how the reindeers flew, how he came down the chimney, how the elves knew what toys to build, etc.
Returning to my mom she asked me if I thought Santa was real. I must have gotten a satisfactory answer to my questions because I answered, “Of course he’s real.  He is sitting right there.”

A few Christmas letter to Santa that are worth sharing.

Beer over milk and cookies? Maybe if there were peanuts and pretzels too.


It’s never a good idea to disrespect the dude that is bringing you presents.


This kid’s parents are doing something right!



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