Tuesday, December 24, 2013

An Update on Gainful Employment


You no doubt recall my temporary abstinence from blogging in favor of continued employment and health care coverage. (And thanks all you fantastic people that keep checking back to see if I’ve regained a blogging foothold!)


The sad truth is, it takes me so much more time to get crap done than when I had mad concentration skills. (I wrote many a freshman college paper sitting in front of the TV.  Now I can’t balance my check book if Youtube is on.) 


It is one of those conundrums of health care. Obviously documentation is crucial in passing on information. “Patient allergic to morphine. Has experienced anaphylactic shock in the past.” “Patient requires a below the knee amputation of RIGHT extremity.”  (Unless you want to go through resuscitation after giving morphine or you think amputating the wrong leg would not be a problem.)


In addition, thumbing through what was and was not done can identify those health care professionals that need to seek a different career path. (May we suggest a career that does not require human interaction?)


However, documenting what was done can take almost as long as actually doing what needs to get done.


It doesn’t come as a surprise that the higher echelon in the corporate structure are less than congratulatory. BUT I’m thinking that a 15% completion rate would be a stellar performance for our current congress. Evidently, the private work force is held to a standard higher than that of our legislators.


Oh, the expectations!

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