Sunday, November 24, 2013

Where is your blog post young lady?

After careful examination and a double blind experiment I conducted at MIT (involving after hours sneaking into the behavioral labs) I have come to the conclusion I am very much an “all or nothing” thinker. (Yes it is true, so put aside all of those shocked expressions.) Therefore, if I can’t meet my expectations, then I don’t want to do it at all.  (A blogging caveat here, I could reread something 20 times and still miss typos.  It’s required that I have to have a typo forgiveness agreement or I wouldn’t post anything. ) 

Remember when an afternoon was plenty of time to read three chapters in biology, write an essay about Shakespearian Love and build a miniature balsa wood bridge for physics?  Or if you weren’t a complete geek, it was plenty of time to go downtown on the bus, rummage through two malls of clothing stores, walk a few blocks to check out the music store, catch a movie, get a snack (because the snack guy was like so cute!), pile back on the bus and make it home at a “’reasonable” hour? Now? The expectations on the afternoon / evening to do list are beyond what I could finish in a week! What happened!?!

One more piece in the blog declination.  There was a time, when I could work three consecutive graveyards and then make a two hour road trip to go to some event. That seems like such an impossibility now when events like “go to the grocery store” or “pick up the kid at ASU” take some pre-planning, energy allotment steps.

So the bottom line? Everything takes longer to do, I have less energy to go beyond some ever limiting parameters but I still desperately want to produce something worthwhile.  Wow – welcome to the decline post middle age!  The most frightening part? Extrapolate the decline versus the desire and soon, I’ll be in a coma but I’ll feel really, really guilty about it.  Perfect!

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