Sunday, November 24, 2013

Were you absent that day?

A little recap of the past two years.  I’ve been getting vertigo and tremors bad enough that there are days I can’t drive.  I’ve also been having problems swallow.  This freaks me out a bit, especially the swallowing because if you look up symptom: difficulty swallowing it does NOT say probably a diagnosis of something really good. 

I did the Neurologist parade with the following outcome; one, no idea but let’s take about 3000 tests. Two, it’s related to migraines and there isn’t anything you can do about it. Three, you have a HUGE thyroid. Not particularly helpful considering I’ve a HUGE thyroid for a long freaking time and after several imaging tests, the surgeon said, “You have a HUGE thyroid for a long freaking time. Don’t worry about it.” (That may be a little embellishment on my part as to what was actually said.)

I went in to the sleep study Pulmonologist because, as per most stand-up comics, I have the not real disease of restless leg syndrome and I am pretty sure running on a few hours of sleep per night for months in a row is not contributing to my well-being.

The Pulmonologist says, “One of the medications you are on causes tremors and vertigo.” Well good to know. I’m on a lower dose now paired with another med and it is doing zip for me. Next visit let’s roll the pharmaceutical dice and see if something completely different will not only stop the 1 to 4 am pace but will also eradicate the vertigo and tremors.

One more piece, I’m anemic. Not a surprise since my hematocrit has never been normal. However, secondary to bariatric surgery, it is getting worse. Evidently when the portal to your liver is recreated in a meandering kind of way, absorption of iron supplements is not going to happen. The Hematologist was also kind enough to say, swallowing issues are secondary to anemia. Oh and by the way, even though I’m talking B-12, that isn’t absorbed either and that impacts the vertigo and tremors.

Well that is useful information! (I do have to say, my friend brought B-12 up quite a while ago – so good for her for being on top of things and bad for me for not being vigorous in my follow up!) So my question is, did the Neurologists miss the day in school where it was suggested they consider side effects of medication? How about the day it was suggested they consider medical history as being relevant? Hmmmm – don’t want to overstep my bounds BUT it may pay to retakes those two days.


Now Am Found! said...

sorry things are so darn difficult. i also had bariatric surgery- gastric bypass. b vitamins are absorbed right at the duodenum which is bypassed in my body so i have to take b injections in my tummy. without b you can have very serious effects, depression, and nerve problems. you might check that out. perhaps the injectable b might ease some symptoms

March Matron said...

Should have gotten on the ball a long time ago - but better late than never!