Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Irony of Swag

I have to start this posts with a disclaimer.   I am old.  How old? Old enough that long haired hippies and Bohemian inspired blouses are what my mind envisions when thinking Teen Rebellion. I actually hit the horrible teen years when Hippy was traded for Preppy and wearing bell bottoms would have caused verbal abuse. But trying to pretend to be a Martha’s Vineyard, prep-school, entitled teen doesn’t seem to emulate much rebellion.


Therefore displaying the so very masculine and not at all clown-like layers of swag around your butt is just not what springs to mind when I think of the appeal of the young American Male.  I am very grateful I did not have boys just because I would require valium for the daily apparel battle.


I am going to go ahead and make a pretty brazen assumption.  Youth who attend job interviews while displaying swag are going to have a limited scope of opportunity for employment.  Perhaps I am wrong, and the new look for Swiss bank tellers has gone the opposite way from the broadly published employee undergarment requirements. But I’m guessing the jobs for actual consideration involve food lamps and paper bags.


The irony? Two-fold swag refusal.  Fast food places do not allow display of employees’ underwear and fast food places are rapidly refusing service to belt deficient patrons.


A final note.  Isn’t the point of the I’ll show my drawers ‘cause I’m a Gangstar’ mentality emulated to enforce what a bad ass you are? It seems to me that running from the police, causing your pants to rapidly descend and bind around your ankles is more of a comical behavior than a threatening one.  However, ease of law enforcement acquisition may be worth the fashion decline of the American youth.

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