Thursday, November 28, 2013

Separate the Men from the Boys

Part One:  “How to tell if you are a Macho Sh*t-head.”

Have you heard about the NFL Miami Dolphins bullying scandal? I have to admit, my typical reaction would have been something like why are they teaching Dolphins to play football and if they have athletic ability will they no longer be bullied? 

But I happen to catch a bit of the story in the media dominated, background noise. Borrowing liberally from several great articles, it would appear that not only are some oversized, football “professionals” complete dicks to their wives, girlfriends, fans, local judicial systems, animals and community, they are also dicks to each other. This surprised me because I thought if you are in the club, you are in the club.  I guess I was wrong!

The Dolphins 30 year old left guard, Richie Incognito, harassed the 24 year old left tackle, Jonathan Marin, to the point where he left the team.  Richie was suspended and the NFL started an investigation. To illustrate how insulated the players are from realty, Incognito defended he behavior implying it was just joking around and male bonding. In his defense, he produced a text where he called Marin a racial slur, threatened to rape his sister and then kill everyone in this family. Yep, that is pretty funny stuff.

The reaction of other pro football player point the finger at Marin.  “You’re a grown-ass man. You need to stand up for yourself.”  “Playing football is a man’s job.” “I think Marin is a weak person. If Incognito did offend him racially then you handle it in house.”

So a little question.  In what other profession could you call your co-worker racial slurs and threaten him and his family without losing your job and being charged with a crime? And what a piss poor commentary on us as a nation when this group of boys receives the financial compensation that they do and we let the people who are actually contributing to the community slide into lower middle class limbo.
Part Two:  “How to tell if you are an awesome member of the male gender.”
So this is very cheesy and over the top but still a story that is cool as hell!

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Anonymous said...

By far the most surprising thing was that the team members defended the bully. How disappointing as a society that those are heroes. Love the clip about the kid team!