Friday, November 1, 2013

My mom sews better than your mom!

Both my mom and my Grandma made fantastic costumes and they both stayed up to the wee hours in the morning finishing them. (Can’t imagine where I got the preference to work all night on a project just to get it done! Actually it is a pretty good motivating factor, done and then bed.  Except lately I’ll review what I did the night before and think what the Hell was I doing? So I have no sleep AND an unfinished project. Perfect!)

 Grandma made huge paper-Mache masks that would fit over the wearer’s head. With string and leavers, the jaw would open and close and the eyes could roll into any position.  She also made several big animal costumes.  She had a pink gingham elephant. (I don’t remember what story that was for.)  Two people would fit under the gingham shell becoming front legs and back legs. She constructed a six foot giraffe and made oversized heads representing the seven deadly sins.

My mom could sew any costume, as long as she had a drawing or a photo. She made felted costumes for the entire Winnie the Pooh, junior theater cast.  She made a cow with padded udders, a horse with a mop top mane and a rooster with a gravity defying comb. She also made superhero apparel, roaring 20’s swimsuits, hoopskirt dresses and North Pole elf uniforms.


The kids would make requests in the first week of October. One year, there was a request for a Sea Life menagerie and I dressed up at a Sea World Vet.  (These were sent across the Pacific Ocean without a fitting! Pretty impressive.)


The sharks were my favorite.  The jaws had heavy wire sewn into them.  Pull on the fishing lure, and fishing line would open the bottom jaw.   


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Anonymous said...

I love that picture of Savannah! I don't remember what story the pink gingham elephant was for either but it was a fixture in Grandma's basement, at the bottom of the stairs, on top of the wooden chest. One of my all time favorite costumes mom made was Sawyer's elephant. It had a huge tummy with a pillow and he would run and jump, landing on his tummy. He thought it was awesome. Which it was.