Saturday, November 30, 2013

It's only a game!

Prior to the arrival of grandkids, my family did a bunch of stuff together. One of the favorites was playing games at the kitchen table.  The preferred games usually involved some type of cognitive activity linked to general knowledge or vocabulary chicanery.  The other favorite was card games.  There were several card games that required more than one deck so my dad would buy multiple packs of cards and then drill a hole through an entire deck, each deck having the hole at a different location.  Sorting out decks post game was fairly easy.
I have four sisters so there was usually a boyfriend or two hanging out and they would get roped into participating.  The thing is, my family was not known for having an abundance of patience, leaving the boyfriend struggling to keep up.

One of the boyfriends had an especially hard time and made a suggestion. He’ll bring over a bunch of broken appliances and some basic tools.  Appliances go in a pile in the middle and tools are allocated for specific times. Whoever gets an appliance to function in the shortest time wins! Genius!

Even when there wasn’t a game in play, there was a bunch of sitting around talking about stuff. One day the topic was who was your first kiss?  Well, turned out that the little Don Juan down the street had kissed my sister AND her twin sister AND our baby sister. Good Job!



Anonymous said...

What boyfriend suggested the appliances? Brilliant. Yes, the romance of knowing your boyfriend was also TWO of your sisters' first kiss. But you liked him because he never parked in the driveway. J

Wendy McPitts said...

Yeah, which boyfriend was ballsy enough to suggest the appliances? I seem to remember that but can't remember who.