Tuesday, November 5, 2013

10 Other Names for the Po Po

10 Nicknames for law enforcement.
Can you guess the origin?

1) ROD 

US. Acronym for "Retired on duty".
Used by officers to refer to other less proactive officers who only do the
minimum required work while on duty.

 2) Mock Pork 

Derogatory term for security personnel, inferring "Pig".

3) Smokey 
A term from the CB Radio fad of the 1970s
referring to the Smokey the Bear hats the Highway Patrol wears.

4) The Man 
Slang, used frequently during the 1960s and 1970s 
during the anti-establishment and anti-authoritarian movements.
Implies that police are a tool of the powerful "man."

5) Flatfoot 
A term that refers to the large amount of walking that a police officer does.

6) Fuzz 

First appeared in the 1920s,
referring to static heard over the police radio.  

7) Dicks

Apparently originally coined in Canada and brought south by
rumrunners during Prohibition.
The fictional comic strip character Dick Tracy
was given the first name of "Dick" in token of its being
a slang expression for "detective".

8) 5-O

Derived from the original television series Hawaii Five-O,
which depicted an elite state police unit in the 50th State.
9) Brass

A reference to the color of most police badges
10) Doughnut Commando

Used by younger or physically fit officers
to refer to older or out-of-shape colleagues.

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