Tuesday, November 5, 2013

10 Adolescent Suppositions

More quotes from my fantastic, adolescent nephew.

1 - That awkward moment when the only reason I don't just hang out in my boxers all day is because I have to take out the trash... and sometimes that doesn't even stop me.

2 - When I was little, there were three languages. Chinese, Mexican, and Regular.

3 - You know who always has a lot to say about god? Athiests.

4 - So honest question time. What is the point of the debt ceiling if it has been raised every time we reach it? It's like if the life expectancy went up a year whenever you reached it.

5 - PSA:
Acrosst isn't a word. Neither is ect cetera.
Supposebly, for all intensive purposes, if you peek from behind the foilage you will see a hole nother level of stupidity. I could care less, but it makes some people nauseous. Its a travesty, really. When people conversate using this uncorrect words I literally want to go on a killing spree.

6 - I wish I had enough friends for there to be a difference between best friends and friends.

7-  Why does Hillary Clinton have a mullet?

8 - The economy will be back on its feet as soon as the average GPA is higher than gas prices. (Let's start with yours! Nephew’s dad.)

9 - It seems that god likes to save more lives in countries with better healthcare, weird.

10 ­– Mom, you are the least white trash mom of five I know.

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