Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Stuffed Crust Freedom

Oh Little Teddy Cruz. So how is it working for you?

A somewhat accurate comparison. Two ego maniacs, desperate for adoration, who are willing to abuse legislative standing in an attempt for a meteoric rise in power. (Did I miss anything? Like calling them complete dicks?)  The big difference, as far as I can tell? McCarthy was fairly effective in creating the Red Scare and unified the nation (at least for a while) to back him. Cruz is, well, come on! He quotes Ashton Kutcher, the movie Jason versus Freddy and does a horrible imitation of Darth Vader. Even if I wanted to take him seriously, I couldn’t.

The upside? (And there is one.) His antics gave Jon Stewart one of the funniest clips he has ever done.  (Nazi Germany? Why that’s my least favorite Germany! We are at defcon Nazi!)

A few backlash bits and pieces for various sources: 

Senator Cruz, you owe us $24 billion. . .  for your effort to defund health care that had zero chance of succeeding.  $24 billion for what was essentially an ego joyride.

The views of many of Cruz’s Republican colleagues in a similarly circuitous manner: Their affection for him this week became so qualified as to be indistinguishable from hatred.

And why does the GOP hate one of their own? 
 He drove this enormous wedge in the Republican Party on the eve of big and important fights with the White House.

By suggesting that Obamacare could actually be defunded through his Senate action, he confused voters by setting expectations that could never be met.

For years, President Obama has said a minority faction of zealots controls the Republican Party. (And Cruz certainly plays into that accusation.)

He turned a tactical fight into a purity test, making the fight destine to fail.

The Affordable Care Act was falling under its own weight. By linking the “defunding effort” to continued funding of the government, Cruz distracted the public from Obamacare’s inherent problems.

Support for the Republican party is down to 24 percent.

He has gained popularity with the very conservative Republican voters, further fracturing the party.

AND he is probably the only Republican Senator to receive a fruit basket as a thank you from the Democrats. (True story.)

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Anonymous said...

Did he really get a fruit basket?! That it too funny. He obviously loved to hear himself talk and thought others would think everything he said would be such an amazing aha moment he would and awesome, he was so so so wrong. J