Saturday, October 12, 2013

Obama care is like a carton of eggs . .


Senator Mike Lee (R-Ut) was kind enough to explain, in small easy to understand words, how the funding behind the Affordable Health Care Act really works. He started with a hypothetical trip to the store for bread, milk and eggs but low and behold, the store won’t let you just buy bread milk and eggs. You must also buy a half ton of iron ore, a bucket of nails, a book about cowboy poetry and a Barry Manilow album. (Well thank you for clearing that up!)


Jon Stewart was kind enough to explain how this metaphor fell a little bit short.


"Oh, I get it. You're saying some people in Congress are being forced to pay for some stuff they don't want, and that's not fair. But unfortunately that's called being in a country with some people who aren't exactly you." (I am sure you could ask tax payers if there are any programs they didn’t want to fund.  I am willing to bet that all of them have at least one issue they don’t want to spend money on.)


However, getting back to Senator Lee's trip to the store; it is more along the lines of everyone chipped in and voted on the grocery list. But then you decide on your own, not to get eggs.

“Eggs are a communist menace turning our country Muslim, so I'm just going to buy milk and bread.” And everybody else is like 'We passed a law that said you'd buy milk, bread and eggs. And the Supreme Court upheld that shopping list.” And that's when you burned the store down.


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Anonymous said...

"it is more along the lines of everyone chipped in and voted on the grocery list. But then you decide on your own, not to get eggs."

Pretty much. Except of course that no one knew what was on the shopping list, how much it was going to cost, that you wouldn't be able to buy anything that wasn't on the list, and that the store would be closed every time you went there.