Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Jesus Fish (part two)

The second aspect of religion to keep in mind is religions are not made in a vacuum. For example, part of the reason Jesus is associated with fish involves the Zodiac.

A Zodiac “age” is when a particular constellation progresses into a specific celestial location.  Each age lasts about 2150 years. The idea of the Zodiac was around a long time before the Jews were in exile and wrote the Old Testament. I’m not surprised the symbolism is there.

The story of Moses takes place when the age of Taurus the Bull is changing to the age of Aries the Ram. So bull and calf symbolism and worship are on the way out (Moses smashing the stone tablets when he discovers his people are worshiping the golden calf) and ram and lamb symbolism and worship are on the way in (blowing the ram’s horn to announce certain Jewish events.)

Jesus was born when the age of Aries are was changing to the age of Pisces. Consequently, references to the Lamb of God are being replaced by references to Fishermen.

I’m sure the Zodiac isn’t the only reason for the symbolism but I think it influenced the interpretation of events. (For example, Ichthys, meaning fish, is also an acronym for ‘Jesus Christ. God’s Son, Savior.”) Certainly not the first time religion has hijacked a pagan ritual. (Easter and Christmas, not so much a celebration of specific dates. More of a recruitment tool.)

The next age (in 100 to 200 years) will be Aquarius.  Unfortunately, as far as I know, no new scriptures are being written so we won’t get a chance to look for water symbols.

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