Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Jesus Fish (part one)

Facebook post by my nephew:
Do you know who first promoted what we consider Christianity today?


Excellent answer!  However, the thread took an odd turn discussing pre-Christ Christianity.

So being a geek, I couldn’t pass up a little side road. Presented for your amusement, two aspect of religion to keep in mind before attempting to interpret scripture.


Over time, the original purpose of most religious rituals is lost.


For example, to follow the commandment of not taking the Lord’s name in vain, God was written “YHVH” because it wasn’t pronounceable. Over time, it was made into “Yahweh” which could be pronounced, defeating the purpose of the original name. Then, much later, it was translated into “Jehovah.”

With the original intent no longer remembered, rituals tend to be modified, mistranslated or combined with other rituals. It makes me wonder what other scriptures or religious practices have strayed from the initial purpose


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