Sunday, October 6, 2013

Duck and Cover?

If you’re in my generation, you may have some experience with the Elementary School Duck and Cover Program. (I’m in that generation growing up the very tail end of that cold-war, bomb-shelter, Better Dead than Red generation losing power to the Peace and Love generation.)  So the bomb siren goes off, and like rational people, we clamber under the desks, assuring our safety and wait for the fall out to clear in 11 months.


Even as a little kid I was pretty sure this was not a sound game plan.  I recently ran into a story of an immigrant kid trying to explain the Duck and Cover program to his dad. A couple  of tries and the dad decides he is going to get to the bottom of this and heads for the school.


To the kid’s embarrassment, the dad is invited to watch the procedure.  Dad stands in the corner, waiting for the end of the drill, confused by the process. The drill ends, kids get ready to go and the teacher asks the dad what he thinks.

“Well maybe, if the Russians can’t build a bomb strong enough to damage a school desk, we should not be afraid of them.”

And right there, the summary of politics.  If something is an actual threat to the population then you know our government is never going to present a functional solution.  Instead, they mandate something completely stupid but they mandate it with authority. Presentation over content any day.


Even worse for the government, if there isn’t any real threat so they start fabricating something.  Without a distraction, the constituents might get bored enough to look at the congressional record, and that would never do.

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