Tuesday, September 24, 2013

You’re What?

I’m a middle age, work from home, social work, single mom, insomniac, or for short, “Completely Nuts.” The thing is, morning commutes are the 30 seconds it takes to adjust my bed to the bed-desk of productivity.  Office meetings are audio only and they are perfect for the attention challenged.

The only down side, and it is a big one, is I am forever doing paperwork. Weekends, late night, early morning, holidays – all spent in my delusional belief that someday I will achieve a paperwork Zen. And, with a fully charged, social-work / raised-Mormon sense of guilt, I tend to take all questions, concerns and requests as obligatory and a reflection on my character. 

In the health field, measurable data is like a gold mine.  You know the pain scale? The one with the happy face all the way down to the almost crying face? Disregard for a moment that it is completely subjective how someone rates pain, and assign each face to a number.  Ta da – you can keep the statisticians happy for a very long time. And, with the total amount of data we collect, we could easily occupy the attention of a full platoon of statisticians sequestered on an aircraft carrier for at least ten years.

For me, this means not only do I get to ask the patient stupid questions, (As it turns out about 3 hours of stupid questions.  It is as pleasant as you imagine it would be.) I get to input the answers to the stupid questions (another 5 hours) leaving exactly no time left to work on finding solutions for all the measurable problems I uncovered.

Adding to the chaos is the Alphabet Soup of services.  “Oh yep, THAT benefit ended in January but we have a new program with a new name. Although we have changed the demographic we focus on so you might want to try this other group.” (Who won’t address the issues either but will suggest another program, until half the day is gone.) I bet you can’t guess what agency is, hands down, the worst to work through. The Federal Government. HUD is a good example (Housing and Urban Development.) They probably have a million different programs (I’ve counted) that get HUD funds but which one do I contact for emergency housing? Apparently, not any of these listed on HUD’s web site.

So what gets sacrificed? Besides my sanity? The Blog! If you’ve noticed a decline in post frequency, it isn’t from a lack of interest.  It is from my grey matter self-destructing at around 3am.

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