Sunday, September 22, 2013

What took so long?


How is it possible that it took the entire day to meet my friend for an early lunch, (and thank God I get to do that once in a while!) buy groceries and then blog? Not possible!! I wonder if I go into some sort of fugue state and wander the neighborhood.  So it is 11:30 pm as we speak and I am just starting the enormous batch of charting because (say it with me) if it wasn’t documented it wasn’t done. And trust me, three days straight of sitting on the phone, plenty was done.


One quick example, so you can co-participate with me. (You can’t tell, but I’m clapping my hands like a little girl at the thought of another participant.) Because of the American Disabilities Act, every state is required to disability transportation available. Some of the states, like the fantabulous state of Arizona, make each city responsible for transport within city limits.


So, to use the service, you need to get a ride downtown to apply for official disability status and to prove that getting a ride is too difficult to manage.  (Let the irony sink in for a minute.)


Then, when you are all official, you need to plan your route. So let’s say you need to go from Phoenix to Peoria to see a specialist.  You have to give the transport van a two hour time frame of pick up then they will drop you off at the Glendale border where you will have pre-arranged for the Glendale van to pick you up, with an additional 2 hour window.


They will take you too . . . Want to guess? It’s nowhere convenient.  That’s right they will drop you off at the Peoria border where you will have pre-arranged for a Peoria pick up, calculating in the two hour window. Then you will be transported to the specialist’s office.


But, of course, that is only the first part of the story. You get it do it all again in reverse.  So not even mentioning issues like some of these folks have to use the bathroom at the exact time they have to use the bathroom and waiting for two transfers isn’t going to cut it. But the flaw prohibiting use is, if you add up the hours, and all the window time, it isn’t feasible to do this in a working day.


Don’t worry, it gets better. The city does not have to cover the entire city boundaries, so to use the service, some city residents still need to be transported to the pick-up limit.  What could possibly be more functional?  

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Anonymous said...

tax dollars well spent. . . Nothing in the law said th transportation needed to be helpful, practical, efficient or economically sound. That would take another two hundred pages of legislation. J