Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Official Legislative Plan


My week went like this . . . Mom, Grandma, Dad, Elderly Relative of Some kind, is confused, frail, dying, immobile, accidentally setting the house on fire and can no longer live the way that they are living.  What are the options?
Well you better hope a Hilton marries into the family pronto because in this great state of Arizona, if you don’t have a minimum of 6K a month to plop down on a facility, you are out of luck.
I think our official legislative plan for dealing with an aging population is called "Gravity." It is an “ignore it until enough of those seniors fall, break a hip, get pneumonia and die” type of approach. Then sure, when we are down 2/3rds or so, let’s consider paying for some stuff.

But when does Medicare kick in? It doesn’t. ER, ICU, acute rehab, than yes. Government will spend on that but long term care? You have us confused with France.

Hmmm . . . out next outsource? Elder Care.

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