Monday, September 9, 2013

Star Fleet, NBC and Pointy Ears

In the world of female geekdom, the “Pointy-Ear Bastard” has a ranking in the top three of adoration. If NBC would have had its way, Spock would have gone without ear protrusions and eyebrow extensions, and Nimoy would have been happy to forgo both.

Leonard hated wearing the ears. They hurt to put on, to pull off and all the time in between.  Plus he spent an extra two hours in the makeup chair every day.  He hated them enough that he initially considered quitting. Into the second season, he considered having plastic surgery on his real ears.

However, NBC hated the ears and brows even more, assuming that the viewers would think he was the devil. They airbrushed out his ears on all the initial printed media and demanded he look human. As a compromise, Spock would keep the look but the writers would minimize Spock’s role.

By the fifth show, most of the fan mail came to “Mr. Spock” so ears stayed and the character became more pronounced. This is one female geek who is happy it worked out that way!

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