Monday, September 2, 2013

Short Term Memory Loss

I think the CIA suffers from short term memory loss. In the 1980’s, the CIA was hot and heavy to support the Taliban against Russia. By 1987, 65000 tons of American made, grade-A (ok probably mostly castoffs) weapons and ammunition were being sent with love and kisses from the CIA. 
What the CIA cannot seem to recall is the enemy of our enemy is not our friend. Furthermore, they will probably about face and bitch slap us with our own weapons if given the chance.
Take that nice boy, the Shaw of Iran, that we instated with some sweet oil deals for us and oops he didn’t turn out to be that nice. Next up was that horrible Ayatollah Khomeini and the Bush family didn’t make any money when he was around but there was that nice boy, just up the block, in the Hussein family.  Give him the tools and he would clean up that Middle East mess for us. And I'm not even going to mention the Iran-contra debacle.  
Back to the Taliban.  Per CIA report, they were certainly pro-western and probably would hand delver oil to the Bushes. It wasn’t until 1997, after the Taliban expelled girls from school, killed unarmed civilians, erased women’s rights and hadn’t handed over a single barrel of oil that politically we said, “Wait a moment. There may be something to consider here.”
I remember watching a news clip of Taliban guy rubbing elbows with the American Big Boys and a Feminist had somehow snuck into the gathering.  She started peppering him with questions about women and girls in his country.  He tried to shrug it off with a little laugh but got pissed pretty soon.  He turned on her, pointed an accusatory finger in her directions and said, “I can see that your husband has plenty trouble from you.”
Well, you just made my point.    

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