Monday, September 2, 2013

In Your Face

The high school I went to had a section of kids who had rich daddies.  One girl got a new Mercedes for her 16 birthday which she totaled that same month so she got a new SUV.  I guess the thinking being she could do some real damage the next time she hit someone. 

One of the girls in this group really disliked me and in our one class we had together (Health and Medicine) she went out of her way to be nasty.  I was pretty flat chested and during one anatomy lesson she leaned over and said, “Those are called breasts. Most women have them.”


I was not very assertive and I usually didn’t have a response.  However, a few weeks later we were having the birth control lecture and Planned Parenthood . . .
Yes! Let me take a minute to say, it was an advanced placement class, taught at the hospital, but still! This was 1985, in very conservative Bountiful Utah and Planned Parenthood was teaching sex ed to high school students. I’m amazed the papers weren’t full of the scandal and no one organized a demonstration.
Anyway, Planned Parenthood and brought a diaphragm.  She leans over and says, “Why don’t you hop up on the table and show us how it is done.” I turned to her and said, “Oh but you are so much more qualified than I am.  Why don’t you demonstrate?” The guys within hearing distance started chiming in.  “Oh Burn!” “In your face!” and various other comments of agreement as to her expertise.
Once in a while things turn out the right way.  

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Anonymous said...

What a peach. I wonder what kind of mother she turned out to be. J