Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I say, “Action Hero” . . .

You think  . . .


If you are my age anyway.  Are there action heroes for the younger generation? I’m really showing my age when I admit I have no idea. I haven’t seen one of them action movie shows in quite a while.

Anyway, for my generation, I bet you don’t think . . .

You know you’re old when your Action Heroes start getting old folks maladies.

My favorite? No contest!
All of his stunts (well stunts that were filmed in China, America has all these pesky regulations) are really him, really doing the stunt. No wires, no green screen and I’m guessing no insurance. 



Here are the two clips I can find:


(Cool commentary but crappy quality film)

(High quality clips but annoying music)

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Anonymous said...

Him roller skating under the truck I think is the coolest one. I wonder if he is married and what his wife thinks of his working hazards.