Sunday, September 1, 2013

Bacon, A food group unto itself.

One of my favorite home visit stories.  I knocked on the door and heard a call, “Come in.” So I walk in and I smell bacon cooking.  The lady I’m visiting enters from the kitchen, naked, with bacon tongs.  So many, many things wrong with this picture.  

"Of all the lessons in life that I've learned the hard way, the ones involving frontal nudity and hot bacon grease seem to be the most enduring."

“Friends are the Bacon Bits in the Salad Bowl of Life.”
“The question that women casually shopping for perfume ask more than any other is this: "What scent drives men wild?" After years of intense research, we know the definitive answer. It is bacon.” Tania Sanchez 
“You wanna hear how good bacon is? To improve other food they wrap it in bacon. If it wasn't for bacon we wouldn't even know what a water chestnut is. You wanna hear how good bacon is?” Jim Gaffigan

 “Bacon is the candy bar of meat.” Adam McArthur

“As soon as I learned what the smell of bacon was, I learned how to make it.” Rush Limbaugh 

 “Veggie bacon?!?  That sounds like a sign of the Apocalypse.” Turtle Dundee

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