Sunday, September 1, 2013

Alas, I shall never Twerk

The kid showed me Twerking the other day.

I was all for the Dougie and Gangnam Style but I am 100% too old for Twerking.  Next they will have the Horizontal Mambo where couples stretch out on the club floor and parody sex.  Look! This one is called the Missionary!

To add to my ancient age and my scowley face, Miley Cyrus at the Music Video Awards twerked her little heart out with the older Robin Thicke acting as grinding post.


The Will Smith family enjoying the show.

Mr Thicke released the chart buster “Blurred Lines.” My favorite version being the one with classroom instruments. 

The unrated video involves more women and less clothes, like g string only “clothes.” 

 So naturally, there is was an enormous post Music Video Awards dust up and unilateral Miley condemnation. 

For example, in the past, Jamie Foxx predicted Miley would end up on a stripper pole. Her fans demanded an apology but, after her performance, Jamie Foxx should be the one getting the apology.

And I agree but what the Hell about Thicke? He gets a pass? He is the one with the g string “animals” meandering around his video. Thicke’s mom also chimed in how she could never “unsee” what had happened. Oh please lady, you have 30 something year old son as willing twerk participant.

There is an enough poor judgment and lack of taste to go around.

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Anonymous said...

Thicke is just gross. But if you look at his dad, who is n his forth marriage and currently is married to an x beauty queen thirty years younger than him., its understandable why his son is the way he his.