Saturday, September 28, 2013

A Prima Donna, Tiara Wearing, Junior Senator R - TX

You may be in for a shock, but my family is pretty opinionated.           

My brother-in-law posted a pro, Prima Donna, Tiara Wearing, Ted Cruz (Junior Republican Senator TX.) If his own party doesn’t arrange for an unfortunate accident, I’m sure he will continue with such ingenious comparisons as casting himself as Churchill to Obama’s Chamberlain in the great fight against Hitler’s healthcare exchanges. (I am borrowing from The Daily Show.)

So, some bullet points from the Health Care Employed Bishop girls.

*How did we get elected officials who pass a bill, any bill, without understanding what is in the bill, let alone without even reading it?

*Both the dems and the dicks need a slap upside the head.

*The long suffering Republicans had to sit on their hands and watch while everyone else made a mess. They have the coping skills of three year olds?

*Republicans were totally unwilling to work with ANYTHING to do with healthcare reform. Numerous republicans have voted no but don't have any good solutions.

The good things that Obamacare has:
*caps on raising premiums. Ins needs to prove their costs have gone up to justify raising premiums.
*immunizations are covered. Who can argue with that being a good idea?
*no pre-existing for kids. How is a parent of a kid with cancer ever supposed to find insurance if they are turned down?
*colonoscopies, mammograms and pap smears covered for everyone.

*I absolutely agree that divorcing the patient from the expense of healthcare has led, in part, to the mess we are currently in. Because I have a high deductible, it makes a huge difference on how I participate in my own healthcare.

*A key contributor to the healthcare mess that wasn't addressed, but needs to be, is litigation.

*Expanding Medicaid is a disaster waiting to happen. Medicaid is very poorly run. It could work so much better if higher copays were charged and the patient had a responsibility in paying for their coverage. If you are on Medicaid and have cable, great! You can afford a $30 copay. If you smoke, great! You can afford a $30 copay. If you have the latest iPhone and your cell phone bill is a hundred bucks a month? Great, you can afford a $30 copay. No, you might it be able to pay a regular premium, but by damn if you come into my office with your nails done, your $5 Starbucks coffee, talking on your $500 phone with Internet you can pay a $30 copay.

*Higher deductibles are an obvious way to bring premiums down, don't treat everyone as if they are three and can't decide what deductible works best for their family.
*Forcing small businesses to offer insurance will just make employers cut hours to part time. Small businesses are struggling enough as it is. People aren't forced to work for small business. If they need insurance and they can't afford it, go work for a big company.


*I can't stand the victim stand point of "we were so innocent and we were totally willing to talk about solutions but weren't allowed to". I totally distrust both parties. It is time to stop the pissing match, put on the big boy panties, stop pointing fingers, start being willing to compromise and get it done.

*My main issue with Obamacare is that it forces us to make the choices the government thinks are best for us. I want to make my own decisions about my healthcare. I also absolutely agree that if we are to be compelled to have Obamacare, EVERYONE needs to have Obamacare, especially those who passed it and those who didn't stop it from passing.

While writing this up, a little ad came across my screen: Patents NOT Politics. An anti-Obama Care, Arizona advertisement asking for donations to “Protect out rights and work to develop policies that protect the State’s most vulnerable.” The big objection? Four in five people who will be added to Medicaid will already have insurance.

Well, let’s take a little look at that.  This week, two of my ladies died because they did not have access to the level of care they needed to be safe. One fell and hit her head and wasn’t found for a day and one gets checked on as often as the state run system will allow but, because she couldn’t take care of her own needs, her chronic issues became overwhelming.  Both applied for State Medicaid and both were turned down.

I have another similar situation. Another lady, with a recent, dramatic decline in health, is in a facility getting long term care and just hoping that Medicaid will come through to fund the care that she is going to need until she dies.

The point being, all three of them have (or had) Medicare. And Medicare will pay nothing, nada, none of long term care. And if you are thinking, “Well, how expensive can long term care be?” For a facility to do most cares, about $6000 a month and that ‘aint for no private, palatial room.

Fine,” You say, “I’m not going to live that long.” Well, you give that a try but let me remind you, one tragic accident involving yourself, your spouse or your kid and you’re going to find yourself in the same predicament.

I believe that the government does a piss poor job governing almost everything.  BUT I'll tell you who I don't want to be in charge of who lives and who dies.  The cut-from-the-same-cloth upper echelon who stole the country's 401k and house equity.   

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Seriously why don't they put us in charge?! We could solve every problem the government has! J