Saturday, September 28, 2013

A brief inventory of inability

Do you ever get up, look in the mirror and think well that can't be accurate?  

I’ve never had this much of an issue bouncing back from a medical problem, even from other major surgeries.  

I am sadly, so sadly, having to acknowledge my limitations, cognitive as well as physical.  You know what? Getting old is really detrimental to maintaining a lifestyle.

So the inventory of what I am unable to do

Get out of bed without exaggerated slow movements and under my breath grumbling.
Pretend to make progress towards a healthy lifestyle.

Dredge up a name or word in conversation.

Return to a normal breathing pattern after going up the stairs. (I definitely need to get back in to the pulmonologist.)

Sleep for more than 2 hours in a row.

Make small talk and feign interest in things I think are boring.

Read text that is too close or too far away from my eyes, leaving a ¼ inch wiggle room to make out buttons on my cell phone.

Recall college calculus, organic chem or most of anatomy.  We’ll recall enough to help my 13 year old with school work Anyway.  

Understand and formulate a plan of action based on federal regulations for the Affordable Health Care act. (Actually I don’t feel that bad because. No one really knows what is going on.

Focus on a task.  As illustrated by the ten hour space of time where nothing got done

And, if this isn’t bad enough, I have a few more decades to look forward to with complete meltdown! How great is that going to be!?!


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Anonymous said...

Seriously why don't they let us be in charge so we can fix it all?! J