Friday, September 6, 2013

14th Century Europe Called . . .

They want their plague back. (That’s the Bubonic variety not the Egyptian Locust variety.)  

I have huge breakouts all over my face and, just because that isn’t embarrassing enough, I have a rapidly advancing, secondary infection. I look like I’m the poster girl for a flesh eating Zombie, end of civilization apocalypse. 

Unfortunately for me, and civilization at large, I have to do several new community admits.  “Hello, I’m with your insurance company.  I have the plague.  Mind if I come in?”

My oldest kid went through a phase where she desperately wanted a Medico Della Peste mask. (The disturbing, bird-like masks the physicians wore in Venice during one of the plague outbreak.)
Perhaps I was too hasty in denying that request.

On the other hand, it didn’t take her long to decide she really wanted a WWII gas mask. Fortunately she grew out of the drive for old, protective facial coverings. Makes me wonder what she had been planning.

One more thought. During the Plague, circa 1350, one half to one third of the population of Europe died, including the peasants in the workforce. Enter the economic principles of supply and demand and the shortage of back breaking laborers meant peasants had a little more choice in what job they did and how they were compensated. At least until the Aristocrats and their Rent-a-Knight enforcers put a stop to that kind of foolishness.

So, fast food workers, trying to live on a non-livable wage, I am all for a protest and a strike.  However, when the corporate executives send out the Pinkerton enforcement goons to break things up, consider taking out half of your competition. I’ll bet management will have a change in heart. 

If you need access to a plague, just let me know.

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