Friday, August 2, 2013

Witty Banter (con't) or Act Your Age!

Well my blogging consistency continues to fluctuate. You would think, at least I would think, home on disability, so time availability should be a piece of cake.  In addition, two weeks of hospital fodder along with an amp up in crazy from the ex, so a boat load of new topics fermenting in my brain. What could possibly impinge on blogging joy?  


Well, my friends, I have become the speed equivalent of the average 80 year old. Taking at least twice as long to get anything done definitely puts a damper on things.  The activity I hate the most is going to the store. I usually have someone go with me to lift and carry because without help I’m coming home with less than five items and they all have to be under a maximum weigh of a coconut laden swallow.  My speed of ambulation is around turtle level so people have to make a wave around me and the shopping companion has to adjust to the Zen of turtle haste.


The other issue, as previously said, is the cognitive misfire.  It takes forever to compose a post now.  Start typing – better look at email – typing – search the web – surf for a while with nothing on topic – Completely forget what I’ve written  - re-read - typing – Consider how much I want to share with the world – check the kitchen equivalent of a black hole for something to eat - reformulating blogging options – etc.


Anyway, let us optimistically predict that this will improve and the flood gates will open and there will be Blogging Bliss.  Or not, as the case may be.   

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