Sunday, August 25, 2013

What We Have Here . . .

. . . is a failure to communicate.
There are several good things about the Mormon community, especially social support and an abundance of volunteers to help with almost any issue. However (and this makes me crazy) there is a complete disregard for accepting “No.” And I mean from Virginia to Hawaii there is this arrogance that sooner or later, if they continue to call or show up on my doorstep, I’ll return to the fold.

The Bishop of my ward came to see me when I was in the hospital.  The kid occasionally goes to the young women activities (I think it is a good way to meet girls her age) so he was aware of me in sort of a peripheral way. We had a nice talk, and because he asked, I explained why I wasn’t Mormon, why I would never be Mormon and why I was not interested in participating in Mormon activities.  So NO, do not send the missionaries over, NO do not send the home teachers over and NO I will not attend the three hour slog-fest of weekly meetings.  

And sure enough, the missionaries appear at my door, the sisters in the ward ring me up and yesterday I get a call from the ward clerk who is in the process of requesting my records. To give myself some good girl points, I remained calm and do not go into psycho bitch territory. NO, don’t request my records. But you are going to come to church aren’t you? Are you going to give women the priesthood? Are you going to approve gay temple marriages? Are you going to say polygamy was completely wrong? Then NO, I will not be attending church.

Please stop requesting my attendance, and this is partially for the good of the Mormon Church. Should I attend, in sackcloth and ashes, there may just be some divine retaliation and I could not guarantee the safety of those sitting by me.

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