Sunday, August 25, 2013

We’re just playing!

Here is my theory about dogs, particularly big dogs. One dog, left on his own, will become a mechanical engineer and dismantle almost anything, especially if the anything is preventing him from him from getting out and roaming the neighborhood. But two big dogs will play with each other until they are too tired to test for weaknesses in the containment area.

So far, this has worked out for the big boys. Well, that and they are a pretty easy going breed. When they want to play, the do the front leg bow, butt up the air and tail wagging. But, instead of charging each other, they do these enormous bunny hops. Four huge paws off the ground. It is kind of impressive that they can get that amount of bulk air bound.

The Chihuahua desperately wants to play too but he is outmatched.  He contents himself with running in a circle around the two dogs, barking like mad man.  It’s a different story when the boys are relaxing. They stretch out on their bellies, paws crossed with muzzle on top.  Then the Chihuahua is in business. He goes up, nose to nose and does a little bow. Big Boys give him a token tail wag then he is free to start a campaign of harassment.

When he is tired of chewing on ears, he does a full force body slam into an enormous Bernese melon, pushing until the big dog (you can practically see him rolling his eyes) scoots his head over leaving just enough room for the Chihuahua to worm his way in between his paws.  Everyone in the correct location, they all fall asleep for a while until the big boys decide it is time to go out and play. 

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