Friday, August 9, 2013

Smoke Signals and Carrier Pigeons


My two older daughters are mumblers.  My oldest, while she could do almost anything, will never have a career as a stage actor, unless it is a strictly pantomime production. While mumbling is her native tongue, the middle kid is becoming more and more diction challenged. (Of course none of this would have anything to do with a decline in hearing on my part.)


I do sympathize because my voice is very difficult to understand on the phone, and even more so now (secondary issues related to surgery.) Over the years, I unintentionally adapted by having a “work” voice. (Lower in pitch, slower in cadence, etc.)


My kids however, have not yet adjusted with a “mom” voice. I assume when I become annoying enough with requesting clarification, they will adapt.


While I’m waiting for the adaptation, I’m relying heavily on texts, with perhaps of few of the more archaic means thrown in.  You know just to keep everyone on their toes. (What is the geographical limit for smoke signal integrity?)
Considering my options, I’ll have to narrow down a few:

I’m ruling out Maritime Communication Flags
primarily because they aren’t readily portable
and we live in Arizona, about as land locked as they come.
So it would just look silly.

Nothing that involves a “coop.” 

It is more likely that the three of us never speak again
if learning Morris Code is the only communicative route.


I’m betting, even for an experienced rider,
the trip from Phoenix to Yuma
in the summer
would not be advisable. 
Plus what would the do at the border crossing?
Bound to look suspicious and be detained. 


Now this has some potential. 
I wonder if the psychic network has night classes. 
I guess they will call me if they do.

I think we’ve found a keeper!!
Teach Odin and Oscar the fundamental vocabulary of the English language
and we are good to go!

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