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Pushup Bras and Academics

Ready for some serious study in the school library. Pushup Bras and Academics.
Someone is ready for serious study in the school library.
At this point in my life, I am not interested in wearing tight, structured items of apparel, particularly when they contain a supportive wire in each cup.
Perma Life Brassiers. Vintage print ad. Pushup Bras and Academics.
Perma Life Brassiers with a Magic Inset
Every pushup bra I’ve ever owned has sooner or later attempted to expel the half circle, metal struts which make the pushup possible. Once that happens the game is over. 
Guy with no shirt and drinking beer in the library. It must be finals. Pushup Bras and Academics.
Guy with no shirt and drinking beer in the library. It must be finals.
No amount of hand stitching is going to prevent jabs in the armpit, and I confess I have had my share of bathroom bra removal. 
China Flies Surveillance Drone Over Test Takers to Catch Cheaters
To prevent cheating, China flies surveillance drone over test takers. 
One of the most ridiculously uncomfortable exams I took was the medical aptitude test (MCAT). Incredibly long and absolutely brutal, I took it a few months after my oldest kid was born. 
Hilarious eye roll from a toddler. Pushup Bras and Academics.
The nursing moms will get what I’m saying. 
Image from Bra Theory - an empathetic and mathematical approach to bras. Pushup Bras and Academics.
Bra Theory - an empathetic and mathematical approach to bras. 
Underwear meets physic. 
It was closing in on lunch time and I was hoping, along with trying to divine the correct responses to physics questions, that I could make it to the breast pump sitting in my car. If not, there was going to be some serious wardrobe malfunction requiring different apparel.
Damp bra taped to the wall over an air grill because the dryer is broken. Pushup Bras and Academics.
Fortunately, a change in shirt wasn’t necessary and by the end of the second half of the exam, I was in no mood to care what leaked where and how it appeared.
Following tradition, students appear in underwear on Olin Library’s Info Commons 
at Wesleyan University, a private liberal arts college in Middletown, Connecticut. 
One additional tale of underwear and academics from my mom.  

Finals in the library. Red Bull gun belt. Pushup Bras and Academics.
Finals in the library. Sleeping girl curled up in a study desk cubby. Pushup Bras and Academics.
How to identify finals week.
When I was a freshman at the University of Utah, my mom was in her final year of law school. Each law student had a little carrel assigned to them in the law library and if I had time between classes I would walk over and study.
Panties on an indoor clothesline by a high-rise window.
Dorm drying option for delicates
Mid-year, some students had strung a variety of clothes, including various undergarments, clothesline style from one end of the library ceiling to the other. The law library has fairly high ceilings with no ready access so they had to be pretty dedicated to the prank.  
Photo from my daughter while studying chemistry. Good to see things go full circle. Pushup Bras and Academics.
Photo from my daughter while studying chemistry. 
Good to see things come full circle.

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