Thursday, August 15, 2013

Cognitive Rational Therapy for Dogs

Who wants to guess the breed of dog that has made the top 7 list for Quietist Dog Breed and the top 10 list for Best Big Dog Breeds for Families and (if that wasn’t enough) the top 10 Breeds that have Risen in Popularity? It’s not the Chihuahua.  They are on all kinds of other lists.

It’s the Berners! (The Bernese Mountain Dogs) So I guess I could say, “I had Berners before they were cool.”  Wow I’m one step closer to being a Hispster. And like an idiot, I had them fixed. They are so popular that stud fees start at $800 and up from there.


All that aside, and because frankly the puppies don’t care if they are ranked in the polls, the boys are each having a little existential crisis.  They aren’t doing well with the “new” of everything and because they had started marking in the other house, they have to stay in the kennels when they are inside.  I have a plan to slowly increase their time roaming with supervision but we aren’t close to that yet.


I hired a dog trainer to come out and help me with the canine stress.  I had explained to him on the phone what the situation was out and what I was worried about.

When he got to the house, he parroted back to me what I had told him.  (Your dogs are stressed. Yep, no kidding.)  He was not one of those types of people who wants to hear your opinions, observations or questions. Then he had me pull up two Youtube videos featuring products to purchase so you dog will be well behaved, but having nothing to do with preventing marking. (Kind of like all the exercise equipment purchased over the years. It’s a good idea and it will never get used.)

So after the jaunt through irrelevancy, I’m thinking I better try another trainer before the dogs need to be on a Xanax Prozac cocktail.  


He did make a clever suggestion, freeze dog friendly vegetables in a block of ice and let them have at it.  That actually kept them busy for a while.  Also I did end up buying a whole bunch of interactive toys, and trying to be smart about things, I bought two of each.  Good move on my part because now I don’t get the dog equivalent of “Mom! He took my thing.”

I’m telling you, the damn dogs are more expensive than the kid!  However, if someone tried to break in the house, they would at least get an explosion of big dog barking.  With the kid, they would probably get, “Hello?”

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