Friday, August 16, 2013

A Litigious Quiz

Because my legal experience continues evolving into the more absurd and bizarre.

Which state, Arizona or Utah, is more progressive in assigning child support?

Well, for my kid, child support in Utah $2200 a month.  Child support in Arizona $400 a month.   Hmmmm – that is a little difference isn’t it, like paying a mortgage or living in a car. Good job Arizona.

Which state, Arizona or Utah is likely to have legal consequences for making poor domestic choices?

I will illustrate with an example.

Let’s say your ex-husband is working on the next divorce and the second (or third or fourth) no- contribution-making, the-shine-has-worn off wife runs off with considerable assets?

Arizona court says something along these lines. “You poor, broken hearted, wealthy, middle-aged man, how could you ever see that coming? Certainly we will adjust payments to your first family to reflect your new state of poverty.”

Utah court says something along these lines. “If you are dumb enough to start a second or third family, it wasn’t at the direction of the first spouse. No reason to reduce her assets so no adjustment will be made and perhaps more consideration will go into any future relationships.”

How much does the average Arizona attorney charge?  The correct answer is $350 an hour with a $10,000 retainer.  

How long does it take to get a partial divorce modification ruled on and written up? 19 very long months.

Once it is presented back to the court, low long does it take for the judge to sign the modification so it can be enforced? The correct answer is 3 months.

When an out of state order has been entered into the Arizona system, how long does it take for recovery services to enforce payment?  Ok, it’s a trick question.   7 months for current payment and 14 months with still no attempt to collect anything prior.

To conclude; how many lawyers total does it take to litigate a 28 month (no exaggeration), two state, divorce modification? That would be eight, count them eight lawyers. (And since it is my quiz, I am counting phone consultations with a lawyer and help from my mom who is a family law attorney.)

And, we are close to determining via possible change in venue, who needs to hire lawyer number nine! 

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