Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Culinary Line

I do not come from a culinary line of women, or at least women three generations back.  My Grandma would make soup with water, ketchup and any fridge leftovers within range. 

She did tell me once that her mother and her grandmother were good cooks and they were also proficient bakers.  However, because they were very poor, her mom felt guilty that she couldn’t buy them things. She compensated by letting them have free time and making little demands on them to help with chores. 

My Grandma eventually regretted that she never spent time in the kitchen learning how to cook, and subsequently, we regretted it too. We would have Sunday diners at her house where the typical fare would be anchored by pot roast.

I’m not sure where the belief came from but she was driven to absolute carbon charring a piece of beef before it was served.  The grandkids ended up circumventing the massacre by waiting for her to leave church, (a three to four hour event), turning off the oven.  Waiting for a few hours and then turning it back on. You have to do what you have to do.

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